Poker Chip Cases: Aluminum, Wood, or Acrylic

Poker chip cases come in a variety of materials, styles and price ranges. With some poker chips being a large investment, it only makes sense to protect them from theft and damage. If you are one of the thousands who like to play with premium poker chips, then the choice of what poker chip case you use makes a difference to you. While others may think that the chip is a fine case, those who have made investment investment chips are more protective and secure options that are available.

Besides the afore mentioned benefits, chip cases also allow the owner to tell at a glance if any chips are missing after the chips have been put away. This allows the owner to account for missing or putting away the gaming pieces M카지노.

If you buy premium chips, most vendors sell them in a lockable case. However, if you buy chips on bulk, and you need to get a poker chip to keep them in, you have several choices, one that will most certainly fit your needs.
The plastic cases are low end of chip cases. It isn’t lockable, which offers no security, and it has a short lifespan if used regularly. Plastic chip cases are best suited for plastic games that are used for friendly games among friends.

The next step up is the ladder is the vinyl case. The vinyl case is constructed of thin wood, plastic or stiff cardboard covered with vinyl. The vinyl case may or may not have a locking mechanism. Durability is a major concern with vinyl cases. The poker chips have been known to cause offsets during chip transport, causing chips within to spill and possibly getting damaged.

The most popular poker chip is by far the metal case. These cases are made from aluminum, and come in as a myriad of styles and price ranges. The quality of metal cases vary with the style and manufacturer. It’s also important to note that some metal cases come with plastic or wood inserts, with some inserts covered with a velvety material. Metal cases are much sturdier than plastic or vinyl cases, and most metal cases are lockable, though not all.

The finest of all metal cases which are offered from aircraft quality aluminum. These cases include removable flocked trays and high security barrel style locks. These top of the line cases are machined from solid stock and the course of the most expensive poker chip carrying case.

The wooden case is yet another chip case option. These cases come complete with custom brass fittings, and are available in varied styles and price ranges. These cases can be made from the common pine, to the extravagant exotic woods with inlayed precious metals.

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