Green Tea Weight Loss – Is it Worth it to Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss?

The question is if you really should incorporate green tea into your diet exclusively for weight loss reasons if you otherwise do not like the taste at all. Apparently the dieting effect is not so big as one can achieve miracle results with it and if you can not stand the slightly bitter taste of this healthy tea you will give up on it soon anyway.

There are more effective methods to increase the calories burned

Most likely there are other more effective methods to increase the calories you burn like starting a new fun sport, walking the neighbors dog regularly or even gardening. If you were looking for a miracle weight loss cure, you will have to look further, but if you like green tea it might give a slight advantage weight loss wise Natural Products.

Positive effects on glucose uptake reduces insulin spikes

On the other side, there are substances in green tea which seem to slow down the uptake of glucose into the blood thus preventing insulin spikes and reducing cravings. Now, that does not mean that this tea is an appetite suppressant, but rather the biochemical reason for cravings like a blood sugar spike, is less intense leading to less extra calorie intake through snacking or binge eating.

Appetite reduction and subsequent weight loss in mice!

Having that said, green tea did reduce the appetite in mice and consequently the calorie intake considerably resulting in significant weight loss. However, the same effect in humans could only be achieved by green tea injection. Oral consumption does not seem to have a dose dependent relation to it’s effects, so drinking a lot more that 5 cups this healthy tea per day will not necessarily help a lot more.

Conclusions: It is helpful, but no magic pill!

Is green tea a weight loss myth or is there truth in touting it for easy weight loss? Well, there are some established facts that drinking green healthy tea can really help you in losing weight like regulation glucose uptake and fat absorption, but that makes this healthy tea not the magic pill.

You still have to comply with the basics of dieting and eat less calories than you burn to achieve your goal weight successfully. But it certainly has it’s place as one part of your overall strategy for losing weight and is a healthier option than drinking coffee all day long.

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